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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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certain generation will go -- who's drake and what's spotify? they understand 880 million. right? thank you, jerry, for all you do. yep, yep. we've got a terrific show for you today. making three moms, two daughters and one granddaughter begged us to give a new look. our squad worked their magic to get their before and afters. >> wait pap squad. >> we have a squad. >> all right. plus, if you have to choose between breakfast ut beauty tricks that will get you out the door quickly to do both well. >> and quick, good ideas, fun ones. diy ideas to decorate your front door just in time for halloween. >> words of wisdom to start off the day. >> thank you. >> here we go. >> and suddenly -- you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. >> i like that. >> that's by --
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theologian. >> i wonder if it worked out well for him? >> i'm not sure. my mom sends me a picture from rehoboth. look at me. i'm in the car with jack nicklaus. you zoom in -- >> it does look like -- >> nicholson. who's had a car accident. looks like he's wearing a neck brace. >> the star in rehoboth, can i drive you? got in the car. off she went. >> hope she didn't teach you that way, get in the car with strangers. >> just get in the car. >> i went to an event last night in new york that's a big deal every year. a friend of mine as well as yours along with 11 other people inducted into the broadcasting cable hall of fame. the beautiful deborah norville on -- trying to make it so it doesn't -- one of the people inducted into it.
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was here many years ago. happy for her. one of those ladies that works really hard, has for years and years and years kept her family life together, kept her marriage going and beautiful children. >> still working on "inside edition." >> congrats to her. >> and everybody inducted last night. >> a question for you. wine bot. rom coms in the '90s. rom coms in the '90s.if you were to choose the female lead, who would you pick? e! posted an article causing debate around the office. the question, who's the queen of rom com? meg ryan? or julia roberts? the facts. meg ryan was in 15 films in the '90s. breakout role "when harry met sally" in 1989. >> great movie. >> '90s films, sleepless in seattle, joe versus the volcano. french kiss. french doors what is it? >> or kissing a french door.
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you've got mail. >> yep, yep. the other is julia roberts in 18 films. breakout also 1989 for "steel magnolias" great movie. listen to her '90s films. pretty woman, sleeping with the enemy, hook, my best friend's wedding, notting hill and running a way bride and erin brockovich, 2000 and won the oscar. >> in the '90s, who do you think? tweet us at #klghodared. for meg, #klghodawhite for the white wine. >> what do you think? we're curious. >> give opinions. maybe sway people. >> we both agree. >> julia roberts. >> yeah, yeah. although we love meg ryan. >> thinking it's meg ryan. >> both adorable and great actresses. for the movies -- why it's be subjective thing. which moved you the most.
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love the one she started with and ended with. i did like "french kiss" with kevin klein. >> "my best friend's wedding" one of my favorites. >> perfect. so was "run away bride" and so was "pretty woman." come on, stop it! >> we'll reveal who e! believes is the queen of the '90s rom coms at the end of the show. meantime, keep voting. >> so far kind of quell. >> #klghodajulia red one, #klghodameg, the white one. >> and 1958, hoda wasn't born. michael j. fox made it popular in the '80s performing it in the "back to the future" movie.
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new album called "chuck." going to come out in 2017. first in 38 years. >> wow. >> he wants -- dedicating it to my beloved toddy. his wife of 68 years. her name is thelmetta berry. >> wonder if he calls her hot toddy, because i'm sure she is. chuck and tony bennett, both in their 90s. let's really make history. have betty white do a little bit of a rap in it. a, what, what. >> can you imagine if they went on tour together? chuck berry and tony bennett? people would go. so we like beautiful proposals. here's one for you. a football player, sanford university in birmingham, alabama, wanted to propose big to his girlfriend jasmine. jean peer-jean-pierre asked his team to help out. ? i just want to tell you that i
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kiss me and ? >> whew! >> will you marry me? ? baby, we found love ? [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] >> all: she said yes! >> i'm trying. jerry's getting quite the workout lately. [ laughter ] >> thanks, jer. >> that was absolutely beautiful. not only said yes, won the game. everyone's a winner. >> do you know what it is? such a depressing time we're living in. everything is so ugly out in the
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>> unblock it. >> election is -- >> i'm blocking. my philosophy, we already know what we know. >> yes. >> i've put on a full-court block. >> you didn't have cable. >> i was so happy. the cable man hadn't come to my apartment. i wondered why i was so joyful on monday. everyone was so depressed, i was like, hey! i realized, turn it off, because we already know everything. >> well, there's some people out there who still don't. >> they should watch. >> the rest of us -- >> i'll watch tonight, too. >> and we are celebrating some of hollywood's hottest couples when he play "who knew?" >> and three get made over by our fashion squad. >> family hasn't seen them. wait also over. the big reveal is next! everybody, we just got a
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call from our good friend louis, left his beloved dog in the car by mistake. let the taxi commission know and anybody traveling you see this little dog, isabella means the world to him. >> adorable. >> check in with the taxi commission later's if you find him, let us know. >> all right. this week we're launching a new "today" star brand about making fashion affordable and accessible for every body and age. >> i like that. and thwi two daughters, one granddaughter, asked for fashion help. we sent for the style squad to the rescue. >> we did. here to review, bobbie thomas and julianna. >> so excited to introduce everyone to taisha, one of our awesome interns here at "today"
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of hot chaos. a beautiful mess of chaos, which i said i want her. so why don't you tell us. are you excited about this? >> super excited because my mom is getting married next year and i want her to go into marriage with a new, chic look and just a in makeover. >> look at this tape, it will explain a little more about what taisha was asking for help about. >> right now my mom's style is the bed mom jeans and sports t-shirt and trying to go for quite figure it out. she wears sports, whether the browns, indians or cavs, and even wore ohio state jersey to my prom. she wears, like, these jeans. they have studs down the side and they're horrible. but they're her favorite jeans. i want to see my mom look rocker, because at the end of the day she's my best friend and i love her to the moon and back, and into infinity. >> wait, wait. is it happening?
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my best friend too, now. we have to share. are you ready? >> yes. >> the before picture's behind me. out. because taisha wants to see -- >> whew! >> what? >> ah, yes! >> beautiful! >> don't cry. >> so pretty! >> okay. first of all i have to say there's emotion. did you ever think your mom would wear all black? >> no. i wear it all the time. >> favorite thing about sheri, she is obsessed with flare. she wants studs, bling, sparkle. i love that's the most important tip for sheri and anyone at home, if you love sparkle and studs, you have to make sure you shine first and this is your backup dancer. >> you look gorgeous. >> the trick is not a blazer with embellishment. this comes off. just an overlay you buy from
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lay this over any blazer. she can really transform any one of her jackets or blazers. >> excellent. move down the line, kids. >> y'all happy? of course you are. why wouldn't you be? >> jill, who do you have? >> i have courtney. now, her grandmother has 12 kids, 17 grandkids and 2 great grand-children. this is her before shot. what did you tell us? >> i am one of the 17. my mom the oldest. my grandmother dresses a little too sexy. so she's always got to hav miniskirt or her chest. >> all right, okay. >> and this is about grandma. >> my grandmother dresses very young for her age. on a daily basis my grandmother wears something tight, a dress, halter top, jaggings, stiletto. something dressy. loves wearing heels no matter where she's going, even to the airport, she's in stilettos. i want my grandmother to dress
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chooses to wear. >> so ready, jill. >> let's bring her out. >> ready? >> okay. >> come on out! wow! >> oh, yeah. >> hot, love it. >> still hot. >> love it. >> still hot. >> they don't cover it up. not one pair of jeans. >> how do you feel? >> amazing. >> you look hot, too. >> gloria vanderbilt jeans under $30, blazer from talbott's and are you happy? >> very, very happy. i love this. >> move on down the line. >> good job. >> hi, guys. >> we have here -- >> so this is evy, and her mom teri is a true artist and she wanted her mom to reflect what's on the inside, the outside, look updated current and stylish. what do you love most about your mom? >> she's adventurous and dresses for her lifestyle but has to wear something she can get a little paint on.
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>> i would describe my mom's style as casual, convenient and comfortable. it lends itself had other lifestyle, being a photographer and an artist, wearing things that she can get dirty. my mom also looks to me for fashion advice because i worked in fashion for three years. so i would give her tips. i would love for my mom to actually really enjoy putting together outfits, not something she dreads, and maybe even something we could enjoy together. i want my mom to wear what she wants, feel confident and look fabulous. >> oh, yeah. >> okay. bring out teri. >> come on, teri. >> oh, yes! >> oh, wow. >> okay. >> wow! >> i love it. >> can i just tell you, they are totally twinning in this look. one thing teri wanted, cut out shoulders. both of you love. teri, work that shoulder. >> whew!
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portion of the program? that's not happening? >> she's going to wear an apron over this. this entire look from >> love it. >> amazing. >> this is really awesome. >> yeah. >> thanks you guys. >> all righty. for these great items and more of our favorites head to and a diet s.o.s. revealing the question that could help your diet. >> plus extra beauty tips on hair and makeup tips saving you morning. >> i like that. >> right after this. i used to blame the weather for my frizz. turns out my curls needed to be stronger to fight back. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong* they can dry practically frizz free.**
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takes a lot of time an effort. >> sorry. we'll fix this in commercial. hair and makeup having you looking gorgeous, from -- >> hi. >> scrambling to gelt out of the house, can't tame tyke going x and y and forgo it. >> yes. >> right. >> what are we starting with. we're going to start with this tip you're going to use your hair dryer. cool setting on your hair dryer applications. >> put on a serum? >> make sure it's cool otherwise it's drying. >> if you don't, it can tend to peel up. putting on foundation, like, what are all of these -- little bits in my fingers? >> yes. simple as a blow dryer on cool. >> right. >> how many time do you cut out? >> a minute or so. >> honestly, like three minutes. >> i like it, carly. okay. >> do it with body moisturizer.
2:29 am
>> panty hose. >> or spanx. >> spanx are hard, too. >> thanks, hon. >> did you do anything? was that -- just sat there, looked gorgeous. right? >> that's all she needs to do. needs to stand and look gorgeous. okay. >> basically, you can use a liner like this. you can apply it to your lash line. >> yeah. >> and you can do it haphazardly, doesn't have to be perfect. >> not hoda. >> yeah. >> use your ring finger. blend it up. this isn't going to be as dark, since we're in a rush, but you can see -- even the subtle smoking eye. take a look at that yeah. >> how quick that is. >> pretty. >> took no time at all. >> and adorable, wake up feeling like you have redness under your eyes, you can always put a nude liner underneath here, and for darker skin tones use a warm gold or copper.
2:30 am
eyes bright and neutralizes redness. >> beddy time. how do we save time when we're about to crack out? >> use, keep wipes by your bed. >> okay. >> no one likes washing their face. i mean, i don't. if you don't wash your face you break out. >> how do you make sure your hair stays nice and wavy? >> keep it in a braid and then take it out here. and you just brush it through. >> okay. >> and you'll see her pretty waves. >> all right. so you go to bed with braids and wake up with waves? >> yes. >> okay. are? brush it through with a bristle brush, make them more uniform. >> thanks for all the tips. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. all righty. much more coming up including joy's s.o.s. question of the week. >> joy, what do we have for today's question, sweetie? >> hey, ladies! this week it's all about sugar and how to stop the urge for eating so much. the question comes from holly in lincoln, nebraska. she writes, i've eaten too much sugar most of my life. how do i end the cravings?
2:31 am
else who's in the same boat coming up later in the show. two words. sugar detox. stay tuned. back to you guys. >> all right. also, how to deck out your door for halloween with items you already have in the house. >> and a hollywood couple's edition of "who knew?" our crowd is so ready, after your local news. ?
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2:34 am
here to help me out in studio, executive eder kate horn. hi, kate. aren't you glad louis found his dog? >> so glad! >> so happy for louis. okay. this lovely couple is from philadelphia. according to forbes which would you think made the most money? beyonce and jay-z, tom brady and gisele bundchen, taylor swift and calvin harris? >> a. >> surprising. taylor swift and calvin harris. >> a couple that is no more, but during their time together certainly made the most of it. she was on tour. whenever you're out on tour, you're going to brick in a lot of money. her 1989 tour, hugely successful. in addition to being a very hot paid d.j. for the gigs in vegas,
2:35 am
put it all together, $146 million. >> cha-ching! all right. kath, over to you, sweetie. >> yeah. lovely girl from texas. how are you? which of the following celebrities has been married the longest? tom hanks and his wife, will smith and his, or meryl streep and her husband. >> c. >> yeah. they were married a long time. >> meryl streep and her husband. how long have they been married? >> 38 years. meryl streep married to her husband don gummer 3ar >> wow. >> met when she actually moved into his brother's apartment, that he was subletting and then when he came back to the apartment, meryl stuck around. >> in her business? >> she a sculptor. >> creative type, yes, but not an actor, director, nothing in that vein. >> all right, kath, over to you. >> a beautiful lady from arkansas. i wanted everybody to see her. what did blake lively accidentally do to her dress on
2:36 am
sounds familiar to me. burn a part of it, who knows? or ripped the train? >> c. >> no. apparently not. that's all right. >> she actually burned a part of it. >> she burned a part of it at her wedding to ryan reynolds. sparklers, as you do. you have sparklers at your wedding. >> of course. >> florence welch performing as you do. he was holding a sparkler, got a little too close to the applique on her dress and singed in the front of the dress. didn't notice it. ryan reynolds says have a memory holding a sparkler listening to florence. a great reminder of a beautiful part of the night. >> great way to look at it. kathy, to you. >> and queens, australia. what respect it justin timberlake write about his wife jessica biehl?
2:37 am
>> "mirrors." >> wow. >> her, huh? >> we love her, and you know, that sweet, because i'm like, "sexy back," this sock is about finding your other half. finding somebody who completes you in a way and is a reflection of the best parts of you. so that is his ode to her. >> great. kate, how are you feeling with a little one on the way? >> not so little. not so little is all i can say. >> we're happy for you. >> thank you. from the spooky to the spectacular, diy for your front door, when the kids come knocking this halloween.
2:38 am
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you're going to turn your porch on to signal trick-or-treaters. plenty of goodies need to be found at your house. >> make sure your front door looks spooktacular. so clever. >> associate editor for brook sassman. >> hi, ladies. >> into tv star. >> thanks for having me. >> we like the dyi. doesn't take a lot of time. last-minute decorators like myself, achieve his with items from around your home. cut large pieces of cardboard and use a permanent marker to add detail like we've done here. feeling really crafty, cut out holes for knots in the wood. arms, simple, too. >> make the arms. hannah and ella to do this. >> trace your arms. >> trace your arms.
2:42 am
little more spooky and use construction paper. you can use cardboard. use foam. whatever you like. and if you'll notice here we have spooky witch hats in the trees. light up, have glow sticks. something the parents should do, what you'll do, take a glow stick, attach fishing line with a needle, poke it up through the top of the hat. >> it lights up. >> lights up and hangs in the trees and looks like it's just hanging. dress of you the door, great tombstones, spirit of halloween. >> yeah. >> move on over here. >> all right. so -- >> this right here, pinterest-inspired door. looks more difficult than it is. >> it does look difficult. >> took pieces of leaf garland, strung them together sort of like a shower curtain and connected them on the back of the door. picked up pumpkins from a local craft store.
2:43 am
permanent markers and hang on the front of the door using a nice clear -- >> looks like it took a lot of time. >> time and effort. >> festive. >> yep. >> and this right here is our monster door. >> yeah. >> a great way to get the entire family involved and to do it for under $10. all we did, paint sheets of newspaper green. paint it whatever color you like. just recommend doing two to three coats to make it really out of construction paper and the eyes are a great way to get the kids involved. all you have to do here, trace a soup bowl for the outer part of the eye like we have here. >> all right. >> you have this. >> makes eyes. easy. >> trick-or-treat? >> wait. [ doorbell ] >> trick-or-treat! >> hey, guys. >> perfect costume for alex! >> oh, my god. >> isn't it? >> we've seen him in many.
2:44 am
>> very generous. oh, my gosh. >> kids, come here. >> skittles! >> come here with us to get on tv. come over here, princess. come here. come here, princess. >> look at that outfit. >> oh, my gosh. >> looks so cute. for more halloween ideas go to >> important health information to help save every woman's life,
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month, of the more than 200,000 cases diagnosed each year, brca 1 and 2 account for a lot of breast cancer. >> it can also create tough choices. as the women of the shooby
2:49 am
to ovarian cancer, and i was diagnosed with breast cancer six years later. so i had genetic testing. i tested positive for brca 1. >> reporter: for max shooby, knowing those results meant the possibility her daughters alana and rochelle could also be carriers of the gene putting them at an increased risk for breast cancer knowing one day they, too, would need to be tested for that gene. >> in her 20s, suggested she wait until she finished college, because they felt the stress of knowing her genetic outcome would be too much. >> i decided that i needed to find out for myself, because not knowing was just as bad as knowing for me. >> reporter: so when alana was just a sophomore in college she went through with testing and discovered like her mother, she, too, was a carrier of brca 1. >> i became extremely proactive and doing breast self-exams. one night i felt a lump in my
2:50 am
felt it, i knew that something was not right. >> and alana tested positive for breast cancer at 23. >> i went from being a full-time student to a full-time patient. >> reporter: alana and her doctors opted for a double mastectomy along with chemotherapy with her daughter at her side. >> to know she would to go through what i went through was matter wrenching to me. >> while going through chemotherapy my sister found a suspicious lump in her breast. >> it took all the breath out of me. >> reporter: by that time rochelle then 28 knew she also carried the brca gene. >> my heart broke to hear a pro active move, like her sister eight months earlier bravely opted for a preventive double mastectomy. >> i'm so glad i don't have to
2:51 am
went through. i have never questioned it, a day since then. i do not have to worry about breast cancer anymore. >> reporter: and just as things were moving forward, the family had another setback. >> six months after i considered cancer-free, i felt another lump. i had a recurrence. having to share the news with my family and friends that i was sick again, th difficult thing that i've had to do in my life. >> you don't have time to think about your feelings and you don't have time to deal with your emotions. >> reporter: that lump near alana's armpit was treated with lymph node dissection followed by over six months chemotherapy and recently the family received much welcome good news. >> in march, 2016, i had a clear ct scan. so i'm now officially
2:52 am
can happen to them in their 20s. go for your checkups. do breast self-exams, know your body. ultimately that's what saved my girls' lives. >> wow. >> that's an unbelievable, unbelievable story. >> it is. >> and doctor weiss, breast cancer doctor here with us. if that doesn't tell the story what does, right? >> as a doctor taking care of these people each day we take care of these people because they each have a precious life to be protected. >> when you see a 23-year-old, do you -- i feel like anecdotically now more and more young people seem to be getting diagnosed, but how common is it for a 23-year-old to get diagnosed with breast cancer? >> breast cancer is very uncommon at that age. 1 in 8 over 45 of diagnose the breast cancer. diagnosed as a young age or in your family, a man in your
2:53 am
jewish background, you should be tested for the breast cancer gene. particularly when also there's a history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in relatives. >> so when you go in, do you say, i want to get tested, and does insurance say, okay, great. you can go ahead and we'll take care of it? >> if you fall in one of the high-risk categories, only about 10 % of women have a gene like that, most insurance carriers do cover the cost of testing. >> and if you -- if you have the gene, we've heard of people pro actively saying, i don't have a lump, but i'd rather just do the surgery. what do doctors recommend in that kind of a case? >> if you carry an abnormal breast cancer gene, 1 or 2, your risk of breast cancer over of the course of your lifetime, over 85% and ovarian cancer, over 65%. looking at those high risks you
2:54 am
mastectomies and removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. those steps reduce the risk up to 90%. it's not 100% but close. and, also, there's tamoxifen and medications like that that can also help to lower your risk, and for anybody who's, any woman out there, any girl out there, there are everyday steps to take to reduce your risk of breast cancer. >> tell us? >> getting to and sticky to a exercising three to four hours a week. eating mostly a vegetarian-based diet. limiting alcohol to three or fewer drinks per week. avoiding medicines that contain hormones and not smoking. just some of the steps we all can take. it's hard work, but it's really worth it, because even if you start taking these steps at age 50, you can lower your risk of breast cancer by 50%. >> sure. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for
2:55 am
what a segue. important, too. >> from lincoln, nebraska, joy has the solution to curve the sugar cravings. first, this is "today" on
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